1. My grandma said she liked Mumford & Sons.

  2. He is a keeper.

  4. Ben, Tay, and Taylor watching Abigail Washburn!

  8. Ronald Reagan’s high school!


    1. My dad to a random british guy we found on the bus: Do you like Mumford & Sons?
    2. British Guy: Yeah, they are really good!
    3. My dad: My daughter adores them.
    4. British Guy's American Girlfriend: What's that?
    5. British Guy: It's a band.
    6. Girlfirend: Oh I was going to guess soccer.
    7. British Guy & I: *glares and silently judges*

  13. Well I went to see Mumford & Sons at the Ryman and it was AMAZING. I also found out that they were staying at my hotel, so I got to say hi to Marcus as he was walking out (but that was all I did because I ran away. I was terrified.) Ohh and if you haven’t heard of Willy Mason or Dawes I highly suggest you check them out because they were both awesome.


    6 days til The Black Keys/Arctic Monkeys.

    9 days til my birthday.

    11 days til thetravelerofbothtimeandspace’s birthday.

    20 days til spring break. 

    22 days til Bruce Springsteen in Washington D.C.

    76 days til summer vacation.

    83 days til Foster The People/The Kooks in Ohio.

    104 days til Bruce Springsteen in Manchester, England.


    1. Interviewer: Little Lion Man, is that a true story?
    2. Ted Dawne: There was actually a small man who was a lion, it's true.