1. I am getting a new dog (female) ……so I need help with the name! We want it to have something to do with music (bands, musicians etc.), history, or england. Names that we have on the list already are: Mumford, Rosalita, Zeppelin, and Rigby. Put some names in my ask box please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  2. Does anyone want to take a survey for my psychology class?!?! I need at least five people and the questions are:

    First Name:

    Favorite style of music:

    Favorite artist or group:

    Favorite song:

    Favorite album:

    Favorite music video:

    If you can put it in my ask box then I will love you forever!!!! 


  4. I hate when I turn on the radio and my favorite song is ending………


  8. noodlelicious:

    It doesn’t matter if it is Neil Young or Foster The People, But this song definitely give me the Chills.

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  10. perceptiveblisss:

    My favorite cover. I <3 Jack White. 

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  11. I ran out of room on my ipod, so i tied an ipod mini and an ipod touch together so i could have double the music. Meet my new creation the Mini Touch.